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Automatic Tools

Automatic tools are used to replace the manual software systems testing and involve detailed testing, often taken from the design documentation of the software. There are a number of different tools, all concerned with particular aspects of the testing process. These are:

• Functional – testing the general workings of the system and ensuring that all the features and functions are working as intended.
• Tracking and management tools are used to check that the way the system operates has not changed
• Load and performance tools check the capacities of the system and its operational make up and identify situations where there might be a need for software upgrades.
• Code checking, which may involve introducing errors into the system to assess effects on the system
• Utilities

Optimize and reduce development

Automatic tools optimize testing time and can help to reduce product development time, an important factor with the rate at which new software systems now come onto the market. Having a process that expedites the finished product can help to put a company ahead of their competitors. Automatic testing is more reliable because it reduces the effect of human error on the system and you can repeat the testing to test the robustness of the system over time. Automatic tools are the best way of testing software because you can run more tests in less time and with fewer resources, which means they are also cost effective.

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