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Malicious Software

Malicious software or mal ware as it is sometimes called can do a lot of harm to your computer and the data that is on it. There are different types of this software and the worst kind can mean that you lose everything with no chance of data recovery. All too often malicious software isn’t discovered until the damage has already been done, by which time it is too late to save your computer and recover your data.

Once this software has infiltrated your computer it continues to drop in viruses, mal ware viruses and worms spread very quickly and the only way to prevent them from infecting your computer is with an anti virus program. Some malicious software carries Trojans and these are not all that easy to identify. They are often hidden in free downloads such as computer wallpaper. Once you download the wallpaper you download the Trojan with it. This can make way for hackers to get into your computer and steal your personal data, or people whose sole intent is to install another virus which will destroy your computer. When this happens then data recovery is almost certainly not going to happen unless you have the data stored at a data center.

If you want to protect your computer from malicious software then you need a good antivirus program and firewalls. Together they should be able to protect your computer from almost everything that is out there.