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Software Testing Requirements

Apr-9-2008 • T-N-S • Category: Special

If newly developed software is to meet industry requirements and the needs of the public then there need to be clearly defined software systems testing methods. Companies who do not outsource their quality control and testing procedures to an independent company are demanding that incoming testing staff are professionally trained in systems testing. Many testers [...]

The Gap Between Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Apr-9-2008 • T-N-S • Category: Special

Software systems professionals are often the middle man between the software manufacturer and the public. Many software development companies outsource their quality assurance and quality control to an independent professional. Some systems companies have identified that there is a gap in the knowledge of many company managers and technicians when it comes to developing quality [...]

Software development Lifecycle

Apr-9-2008 • T-N-S • Category: Special

In Software Development process each and every steps has to be taken step and step and a particular cycle has to be followed so as to reach our goal in time. So having a proper Software development lifecycle is must in Software Testing. One part of this Software development lays the Software Testing. These Software [...]