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Quality Assurance and Quality Control Training

Training in quality assurance and quality control usually covers all of the research and development stages of a project from requirement definition (what a company think the public wants in software) and coding to testing the finished product. Most companies who offer such training courses work according to International Quality Standards, which means that companies can rest assured they are being trained in commonly understood guidelines and practices.

Quality assurance is the development of the processes that will be used in quality control; this should include the concept of the project and the stages that are envisioned to come up with a finished product that has been tried and tested before being released to the public. Quality assurance training includes building quality plans and SQA documentation. Quality assurance training also involves the work procedure for the development and testing of the project, testing the finished product to assess whether it meets the design brief and if not, why not as well as the need to comply with local as well as international quality standards.

Company staff are trained in quality control and the use of automated tools for more efficient, reliable and cost effective systems testing. Training also involves the development of a designated quality assurance and quality control department.

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