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Quality Control Software

Many people use the terms quality control and quality assurance as if they were the same thing, but they are in effect, two different processes. This article will deal with quality control.

Checking software

Quality control actually involves the checking of software and related products before they go out to the client. This is the process that determines whether the product is fit to go out to be used, it is the final part of the manufacturing process. Quality control is where any faults in a product should be picked up before it is released. These tasks are tied up with ensuring that the product is safe for use and does what it says it does. Quality control is something that should occur at the end of the development of any product that is released to the public.

Quality control uses its own software to perform tests and electronic tests on a product. It should also have reporting features so that the user can establish whether there is a problem with a product and where the fault lies. Quality control tests may include keeping track of electronic files associated with the quality control tasks, it can also deal with routing forms and dealing with customer documentation – especially complaints regarding a product that has already been released.

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