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Software Testing

The definition of Software Testing has been many but the most fundamental of them is “Software testing may be defined as having running or executing the software in a controlled manner, so as to fulfill all the things which have been specified for the software”. So the work of Software Testing in the field of Software development also pay one of the biggest role in itself.Companies now days hire specialized personals or a company so as to have this work done of Software Testing.

Verification and Validation

Another term which comes mostly with Software testing is Verification and Validation. Verification of the software is done so as to look if the software is responding well to the users need without having any problem. And Validation of it is needed so as to prove that is the Software which we are developing is right. So these two terms along with Software Testing comes very often in the Software Development Lifecycle.

Software Bugs | Hardware Bugs

Another thing which the software tester are looking forward for of finding any Bugs which might these Software may carry or have. These Bugs may either be Software Bugs or Hardware Bugs. Each and every coding of the Software has been analyzed carefully so as to find out any of the Bugs which might cause damage to the system. This very much essential because the user who uses it do not anything about the Software instead of getting the things done from them.There are also many of the steps which the Software testers follow in spite of verification, Validation and finding out Bugs in it. Another thing which also comes in this Software Testing technique is the Static and Dynamic analysis. Static Analysis looks for the source code of the software so as to fid out any bugs and Dynamic analysis looks for the behavior of the software while it is executed so as to provide the data like execution time and loading time etc.

So these are the basic terms which are generally included with any of the Software Testing work and each and every steps has to done very carefully as the users know only to execute the Software and we have to provide them with the best.

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