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Testing Software Systems

Software systems need to be tested to ensure that the product and all of its features are functioning as they should. Most software testing teams work on products known as test cases to see how accurate the system is – the whole process has to be tightly monitored because if the testing itself has irregularities then products could go out and the problems remain undetected for some time. Problematic software can interfere with the files and records on the computer where it is in use.

Different tests are used to assess whether the software system is functioning as it should and within the overall tests different system aspects are checked, e.g. system documentation, string testing and program testing etc. Program testing involves checking that the program is working as it should because this is the heart of the software system. If the program code is wrong then other parts of the system will not work as they should.

String testing is concerned with the individual aspects of the programs to make sure that all the programs are working together properly. System testing is a means of discovering whether there are any bugs in the system that were not picked up on earlier in the production process. Testing is an important part of the process in the development of the end product software and many companies will outsource testing to a designated testing company.

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