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You have just returned from your trip and downloaded the photos on the computer, printed a diary that you wrote during the vacation and decided to send e-mails to all your friends about your adventures, but everything disappeared from your computer for unknown reasons. Surely, the loss of important and valuable documents is very frustrating. But don’t you think, there’s a chance to restore everything?

Recovery tools

Start from recycle bin at your PC. If the files are there, then recovery is a simple task. If not, try special software, which restores files. But you should know that such tool may find your file as well as not find its parts at all. In this case the file is corrupted and there is no use from it. If your file is large, the chance of corruption is greater than that of a small file, simply because informational groups may be lost. For example, pictures are often larger than text documents, so it is much more difficult to find a picture.

Loss of photos is very unpleasant, because very often the picture is much more valuable than words and photos are very difficult to recover. If you deleted a photo that was used more than once, the recovery program often can’t recognize what it is looking for. So the recovery program will not help you right away. You should know exactly what you’re looking for. What is the type of searching file? JPG, TIFF, GIF? The more you know about the lost image, the better your chances of detection and restoration of the picture, but the risk still is that the file is corrupted. It is difficult to juxtapose the parts of the image at this stage.

E-mail correspondence restoring is not similar to file restoring. Chances of e-mail recovery depend on the type of your e-mail client service. Most programs have a folder with junk and deleted items. Usually, you set frequency of deletion of your e-mail from these folders. If you have a habit of accidentally deleting your e-mail, set this option to the maximum long period of time possible. It is easy to recover correspondence from “Deleted Items” folder with a mouse click. However, if this folder has been emptied by your e-mail service, then you probably will not be able to find and recover your deleted mail.

In addition to these options, there are special tools and services that help you to restore files. Recovery tools created specially for image extraction, Microsoft Word and Excel documents recovery, email and other file types restoration. You can also hire a professional in file recovery. But it is rather expensive and recommended only in the most extreme cases.