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Virtual Private network – a safe network for hassle free communications

VPN or a virtual private network is a network for communications that usually goes through another network. This is devoted to a specific network. A common application of this is secure connections through the Internet but it may not have security features similar to content encryption or authentication. VPNs help to distinguish between the different user community traffic on a network, with strong distinguishable features.

VPN has the best performance or a proper SLA, an agreement at the service level between the service provider and the customer of VPN. Generally, VPN is more complex. The main characteristic of VPNs is not performance or security but it provides certain functions which is useful to a user community.
When VPNs are circulated in small offices, homes and telecommuters, this would make data accessible and not well protected like other traditional facilities. VPNs should be designed under security policies that are thought out well.

Some organizations that carry very sensitive data like in the health care organizations would arrange for an employee’s residence to for two separate WAN. One is where he keeps the sensitive data of the organization while the other is for personal use. The organizations that use this type of network develop the security rule clear and precise, and these rules are supported by the higher management. When this goes beyond the office facilities, there are perhaps no administrators but the security is maintained very transparently.

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